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February 4, 2021

Forge Launches Forge Company Solutions To Help Private Companies Run Customized Liquidity Events

Coupled with the Forge marketplace, companies now have powerful solutions to access capital and liquidity pre-IPO

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Forge Global, Inc. (“Forge”), the leading global private securities marketplace, today announced that it has launched Forge Company Solutions, a comprehensive liquidity solution suite for private, high-growth companies to facilitate custom liquidity programs including executive liquidity, company-sponsored employee liquidity, tender offers and direct listings. Combined with Forge’s ability to access capital on the behalf of companies, Forge is helping companies stay private longer and control their destinies.

The private markets continue to gain momentum with both investors and pre-IPO companies. Fast growing companies are staying private longer with more than 500 unicorn companies around the world amassing nearly $1.6 trillion in cumulative valuation. Staying private helps companies foster innovation but also presents challenges when it comes to raising capital and retaining employees.

“Through Forge’s platform, we help unicorn company executives control their company’s future,” said Kelly Rodriques, Forge CEO. “We have a strong history of helping companies - like Slack, Spotify, Palantir - with company-approved liquidity events. Now we’re making it easier to manage these events so companies can incentivize and support employees and investors while still controlling who lands on their cap tables. They can access diverse demand, market-based pricing and the best execution to make running programs seamless.”

Forge’s proprietary technology gives companies an efficient, discreet and systematic way to raise primary capital and offer liquidity solutions to equity holders. Private companies working with Forge also gain access to a network of 70,000 qualified purchasers, a team of Forge experts and a comprehensive platform for custom solutions to enable growth and innovation. Benefits include:

  • Reduced administrative burden: Forge provides companies with an efficient, discreet and systematic way to operate liquidity programs 
  • Control: The tech-enabled solution allows issuers to set custom program parameters including management of participants, offers on-demand reporting tools, and supports cap table integrations for real time synchronization, resulting in data-rich experiences
  • Flexibility: Forge works with company management teams to understand liquidity needs and creates custom programs to match (i.e. annually, semiannually, etc.) 

The Forge Company Solutions platform is available now and Forge plans to introduce new capabilities to the suite later in the year. For more information visit Forge Company Solutions or email [email protected] to set up a demo.

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