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Find your competitive edge to navigate the private markets

Private market assets can provide investors with potential new sources of return and portfolio diversification. Forge Data can help to inform your investing strategy through live private market pricing information for use in trading and portfolio construction.

Forge Data provides the tools you need to invest with clarity and confidence.

Same day pricing for private market assets

Trading in VC-back and pre-IPO company stocks happens every day. Forge provides the same-day data to help analyze this asset class. Private company valuation shouldn't be an art. With Forge Data, it's a science.

Built on a recognized and proven trading platform

Forge is one of the largest private market trading platforms in the world with 21,000 trades completed as of March 2022. We capture every trade, bid, ask, and more to help investors analyze the private market and make trading and investment decisions.

A comprehensive data solution for the growing private markets

The private market has traditionally been opaque, inaccessible, and illiquid, in large part because data has been elusive or tightly held by a select few investors. Forge Data brings similar transparency and accessibility to the private markets that you expect from stocks, bonds, commodities, or currencies.


Forge Data Preview

Take a quick tour through Forge Data - our comprehensive data solution for private market investing, and a leading source of same-day pricing information for private company investors.

Integrate Forge Data into your workflow

Web Application

Forge Intelligence is an interactive web-based application that visualizes trading activity in the private market and provides investors with a detailed view into private market activity.


Investors and financial institutions can integrate the Forge Data API – with same-day trade pricing, indications of interest, valuations, and more – into their existing investment, portfolio management, and risk analysis tools.

File Based

Forge Data is also available in a file-based format for investors and financial institutions seeking to integrate within their existing investment processes and systems.

Recency, accuracy, and innovation

Images displayed are not current and any securities are shown for illustrative purposes only
Images displayed are not current and any securities are shown for illustrative purposes only
Images displayed are not current and any securities are shown for illustrative purposes only

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